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  • Are you are a resident of Parkland, FL and in need of flexible and quality professional home cleaning service? You don’t have to worry as House Cleaning Broward is available to provide you with high-quality professional cleaning assistance designed to meet your daily cleaning requirements and ensure that your live moves on smoothly and conveniently. We employ professional cleaners who have a dedication and strong mental attitude to deliver world class maid services in a reliable and efficient manner.

    We take responsibility or your peace of mind when our employees are working inside your premises by providing them with insurance cover. This means that in the case of injuries or accidental damage to your property, you don't have to be held financially responsible. Nonetheless, our domestic cleaners are well vetted, so you know you are opening your gates to people who have a clean past.

    For ease of identification, our cleaning staff is always uninformed. They have a good, professional appearance all the time. At House Cleaning Broward, we will make sure that you have the same cleaners every time coming to your home. However, in case you have reasons why we should change them, we will look into your request and ensure that we get the maids replaced quickly.

    Our cleaners are well trained on matters that pertain to the security of your home. We train them on our safe key holding policies. Nonetheless, you will only pay when you are using our services. There is no contract fee or any other hidden charges. All we charge is an hourly rate that is constant for the entire period that you are with us. Also, we offer many payment methods, so you can choose one that is most convenient for you.

    Because we have extensive experience in the provision of high-quality cleaning services, we can be relied on to tackle even the hardest of cleaning tasks. At House Cleaning Broward, we know which cleaning detergents are environmentally friendly and which can deliver the cleanest results.

    We take pride in the fact that we offer an exceptionally high level of customer service.  Our customer service is always available to talk with you and will return your calls or email within the shortest  time possible. Our services are highly custom and we will gear towards providing you with total satisfaction and value for money.

    Call or email us right away and let’s talk about getting you the cleaning service that you deserve.